Caroline Crowder offers advice on getting motivated to tackle business and leadership skillsfollowing COVID-19

COVID-19 put a lot of us (including me) in a rut. Here’s your blueprint for getting unstuck.

By Caroline Crowder

At this point in quarantine, you have probably been forced to let at least one employee go. You feel an insurmountable level of guilt for this, causing you to question your leadership.

You have probably put on a few pounds from working at the dining room table and snacking on those brownies you made with the kids last night that are calling your name from the kitchen counter.

Dare I assume you have become incredibly discouraged by the continuously rising number of C-19 cases, causing you to question the leadership of our government (if you weren’t already)?

Everything in life feels so uncertain at the moment.

As entrepreneurs, we should be able to thrive in uncertainty. It is something we should cling to and be attracted to. Because where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity. Where there is opportunity, there is impact (and money) to be made.

You are not stuck, just complacent.  Hence, it is time to check (and change) your mindset to…

Discipline eats motivation for breakfast.

You are not always going to be motivated or “feel like” balancing your books – yet, it must get done.

Many people lost motivation during quarantine and struggled to virtually manage teams while working from home. And with no end in sight, we have an absurd amount of uncertainty ahead of us. This is not an easy time for anyone. But, especially as business owners, we feel as though we have lost complete control over what we once dominated.

You must train your mind to remember that you are the leader. You are responsible for setting the tone for your business. Whether you set a sense of urgency or daydream about moving to Canada, your employees will mirror your work ethic. I want to challenge you to do a few things:

Return to the basics

Remember those periodic check-in calls you used to make to your clients before you got “too busy?” Use this time to pick up the phone and call those individuals or send a thoughtful card in the mail with a handwritten note. Remind yourself how you got your first customers; it was likely because of existing relationships in your network. Never stop nurturing those relationships.

Experiment with digital marketing

Never tried Facebook Ads? Now is a great time to start! Use this time to learn a new digital marketing skill, and start to experiment with it. Digital marketing is a marginal monetary investment with the potential to exponentially grow your business when executed properly.

Make your goals and vision BIGGER

People want to work for people who have audacious goals with the potential to impact the community or an industry in pioneering ways. Rather than scaling down, set bold, strategic goals, and execute a tactical plan.

There will always be periods throughout the entrepreneurial journey when we become complacent; it’s normal. Reaching a level of sustainability causes us to want to coast for just a couple of weeks, which too often turns into years.

I dare you to revisit your original tenacious and driven mindset, and push your boundaries as hard as you did when you first started your journey. Do not lose your hunger to grow and be better. Celebrate key accomplishments for 24 hours, then get back to work.

Quoted multiple times in Inc Magazine, Caroline Crowder is a passionate advocate for the state of South Carolina as fertile breeding grounds for entrepreneurship.