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Flying Solo

Don’t DIY your brand, but DO learn the lingo By Laura Haight If you are a solopreneur, you are in really good company. Seventy-eight percent of all U.S. businesses are one-person shows. The talents of this diverse mass of freelance...
F-Suite Editorial Team
October 1, 2018

When Persistence Pays Off

“It’s never too late to follow your dreams.” By Carolyn Culbertson Photo by Kate Bowie Wildewood Downs is a gated retirement community. It’s made up of cottages and apartments lining a road that circles around to assisted living, long-term care,...
F-Suite Editorial Team
September 18, 2018

A creative pay raise

I came up with a bold but sensible request. by Anna Gelbman Edmonds It was time for my annual review, which I knew would go well. However, I wasn’t sure how much of a raise I’d be getting, though I...

There’s no app for this

Expanding the participation of women in IT requires a cultural change By Laura Haight Technology has a diversity problem. And it extends through the entire pipeline: from education, to hiring, advancement and retention. Women currently hold 57 percent of professional...