Our Premier Issue: Summer 2019

By July 8, 2019April 4th, 2020Entrepreneurship

In this issue, we’re doing things differently!

Welcome to the first issue of The F-Suite! This is a magazine for the female entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Columbia metropolitan area. Why focus on that niche of business women? Because they are making a huge impact, not only in Columbia, but statewide.

Why do they need their own magazine? Because women think differently than men. They manage differently than men. Women reason and negotiate differently than men. Women make decisions differently than men.  We don’t do these things better than men. We simply do them differently.

This issue profiles women who are doing things very differently and succeeding, including an actual mermaid!  Click on the full-screen icon and enjoy!

We’d love to hear from you whether it’s praise, constructive criticism, or if you want information on how  you can be profiled in The F-Suite. Or you may be interested in writing an article on a topic in your area of expertise, please pitch it to us after you’ve read our contributor guidelines.