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By August 15, 2019September 4th, 2020Entrepreneurship, Publisher's Ponderings
Anna Gelbman Edmonds

The F-Suite in the F-reaking heat

by Anna Gelbman Edmonds

The last few weeks at The F-Suite have been busy, busy, busy.  And expensive! Nobody tells you how much there is to do and how many things will pop up that require money when you first decide to start a business. It didn’t help that I experienced a death in the family a few weeks ago, which took and continues to take an emotional toll that affects my ability to concentrate and get things done efficiently. Ironically, our upcoming issue will include a great article about dealing with grief in the workplace.

My point is, as a new business owner, be prepared to be unprepared for what comes your way.

For example, I approached my insurance agent about getting a quote for business insurance. I’m knowledgeable enough to know I don’t need a general liability policy (the reason why is fodder for an article all on its own), but do need a professional liability policy. What I didn’t know was that I’d need to create liability releases, proof approvals, freelance agreements and more to show the insurance carrier I am a responsible publisher running a tight ship. I need a lawyer to create those documents, so I hired a [female] attorney specializing in business law. That cost me a pretty penny in legal fees, but now I’m well protected from any liability issues related to publishing the magazine.

I’m not a numbers person and I particularly don’t like dealing with money. Unfortunately, you need to take control of the books if you’re going to run a business. But there are certain aspects of managing the finances I don’t want to handle, like filing my quarterly taxes, mailing W-9s to my freelancers at the end of the year and tracking my tax-deductible expenses. So, I hired a [female] CPA and dumped all that on her. That was a 50-lb. load off my back.

Marketing The F-Suite isn’t a summer job!

I’ve also been busy meeting with potential advertisers, small business owners in the community, my freelance team of writers, and spending endless hours talking by phone or email with my graphic designer, social media manager and current advertisers. Oh, and I spent some time in the hot sun on a recent afternoon during a photo shoot for one of the articles in the upcoming issue. I’m pretty sure the photographer edited out the beads of perspiration on my face in the above photo. And several of my team headed to the Soda City Market one Saturday morning with a wagonload of magazines. We navigated our way around the vendors and shoppers in the famously hot and humid weather to hand out magazines and get to know some of the vendors. We met some great business owners, some of whom you may see profiled in future issues.

Have you seen the magazine on display in various retail shops and businesses around town? I’ve spent entire days delivering those and talking with the business owners. While I also suffered through the heat doing that, it was worth it to hear their feedback and words of encouragement. That’s what makes me get up and do it all over again the next day. But I’m the queen of delegating responsibilities, so talked my youngest son into delivering the majority of the next issue on his days off. If you see a tall handsome fellow carrying a stack of The F-Suite magazines around town, wave and say, “Hi, Henry!”  And if you want a stack for your business, email me at [email protected] so I can add you to our delivery route.

I’ve also been super busy planning our official launch party that will take place in September after the new issue hits the streets. You’ll be getting your invitation to that on Facebook, so make sure you’re following The F-Suite. We look forward to seeing you there!