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The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing by Dr. Krystal Conner

All too often our mindset is our biggest stumbling block. You can change that!

By Dr. Krystal Conner

Building a successful business is easy.  A year ago, I would have passed out typing that statement. In fact, believing the exact opposite seemed true to me.

“Building a successful business is sooo hard.”

“Making money is hard, and I really want to help people, so maybe I shouldn’t charge as much.”

These thoughts seemed like facts to me. But since then, I’ve revised any thoughts that don’t benefit me as a business owner or as a person.

What I’ve come to know and understand is this: Circumstances are neutral. They are neither good nor bad, until the moment you have a thought about them. As soon as you think something about your circumstances (your business, your relationships, your money, YOU), you create a feeling from that thought.

Thoughts create our feelings, and feelings drive our actions. Results are what come from the actions we take. Ultimately, your thoughts create your results. This is so important to be aware of in business, and in life in general, because when you can be mindful of what you are thinking, you create better results.

What’s most important is your mindset

If you spend all day thinking “My business is not growing,” or “This is so hard,” or “Nobody is interested in what I have to offer,” you will spend all day feeling discouraged, disappointed, frustrated, angry and rejected.

Instead, think about the types of actions you would take if you were thinking about your small business in this way:

“My business is growing.”

“This is challenging, but I’m up for the challenge.”

“People need the product/service I offer, and I’m going to make sure they know I have a solution for them!”

If you think these things, you will feel encouraged, motivated and determined.

Not everyone believes that building a successful business is hard. Some people think it is fun, awesome and challenging in the best way. Thinking this way is a choice.

A similar principle applies to your thoughts about money. When you doubt your value, or the value of your goods and services, you tend to make excuses for not charging people according to the value you bring to them. You think you are being of service, but really you are just doubting your own self-worth and ability. You aren’t being a business woman of integrity.

The most important thing when building a successful business is understanding that you control your thoughts. You can choose to think whatever you want. It’s just as easy to think positive thoughts as it is to think negative ones–it just takes a little practice.

Dr. Krystal Conner is a certified life coach who teaches successful women how to stop pretending, enabling them to get everything they want in life without settling for less.