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Marketing through a Pandemic

Social Media Marketing Table

Budget-friendly ways to boost awareness of your business, products and services

By Martie Cowsert Streit

Most companies, large and small, have some sort of marketing plan. Some plans are formal and rigid while others, most common to small business, are casual and often consist of ad hoc activities following an as-it-comes-up approach. Large or small, formal or casual, all businesses have adjusted their plans this year as we continue to navigate the unprecedented conditions under which we are operating in 2020.

While reconfiguring a marketing strategy presents its challenges, for some local businesses it has opened doors to new opportunities. They include new ways of doing business—new vehicles of communication, new channels, new revenue streams. And as a result they have discovered simpler, less expensive ways of marketing their products and services. Several examples of how some in South Carolina have adapted during the pandemic were included in the previous issue (“COVID-19: How Local Businesses Have Pivoted,” Fall 2020).

Below is a general guide to marketing channels and activities that businesses can take advantage of at little or no cost that can help boost traffic, create awareness about the business, products or services, and even provide additional sales avenues. This Small Business Guide to Marketing is not only relevant during a pandemic. In today’s digital world, small business owners will want to regularly engage in some or all of these activities.  Even in a thriving business climate.

Martie Cowsert Streit is the CMO of Lilichuks, a Charleston-based firm offering a portfolio of marketing, communications and sales operations services.