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A Very Male-centric Fall 2021 Issue

By September 15, 2021September 16th, 2021Publisher's Ponderings
Fall 2021 The F-Suite

Man, oh man!

Men are a different breed. Like tribbles, Yetis and other mythical creatures, we’re sometimes intrigued, fascinated or even intimidated by them. However, I tell everybody, “We love men at The F-Suite!” Because we do. As a matter of fact, four men helped me get this magazine off the ground.

My S.C. Small Business Development Center consultant took one look at the prototype and said, “You’re living my dream.” For the past three years, he’s been my fiercest cheerleader, a shrewd adviser, and most annoying devil’s advocate. He tells me things I don’t want to hear, which I only put up with because he laughs at my jokes.

My SCORE mentor was an engineer who knew nothing about publishing or print media. He was baffled when I asked for his help writing my business plan. But he stuck with me and began to catch my vision. After the magazine launched, he emailed me: “I was always confident in your commitment and dedication to launch the publication, filling the business and professional community void with the information and encouragement they need.”

Editor letter in the male-centric issue

Left to right: Doug Adam, Anna Gelbman Edmonds and Stanley McCloy

Then there’s Doug Adam, my web designer, and Stanley McCloy, my printing rep. I needed a website before the magazine went to print, and I needed a printer to get my product out. I don’t think they realize they are the backbone of the magazine. It’s their responsibility to make the online and print magazine look good. (Applause!) Both are men of integrity, generous to a fault in every respect, and much more business savvy than I. They get bonus points for being gentlemen, always treating me to lunch – and then purposely saying things so hilarious that I spew iced tea from my nose. I don’t know what I would do without them.

This male-centric issue includes several articles by and about men, all of whom understand the mission of the magazine and were honored to be included. Cover guy Cliff Springs took us on a tour of his film studio, and we took a spin around the Blue Moon Ballroom with owner Jim Williamson. Our newest corporate sponsor, Carl Cease of The Covenant Group, agreed to weigh in on risk management. And we’re launching a new back-page column called “Mansplaining.” Yes, a man will literally get the last word from now on. Please go gentle on him.

You’ll still find plenty of women on these pages, some quite recognizable. You could be one in a future issue. Email me to learn how!

Anna Gelbman Edmonds, Publisher & Managing Editor