It’s Hot Out There!

By September 8, 2020December 28th, 2020Entrepreneurship, Publisher's Ponderings
The F-Suit Publisher_Fall 2020

A winning team will help you beat the heat

We’re in what I call the South’s second summer, when temperatures and humidity levels in September and October differ very little from those in July and August. The business community is also feeling the heat as COVID-19 continues to curtail almost everything except Netflix binging.

Much of this issue focuses on various aspects of working remotely, but we also look at how important pivoting, creativity, and innovation are to the survival of your business. I know it’s disheartening (even scary) to see so many business, large and small, failing. However, I’m convinced we’re entering the era of Entrepreneurism 2.0, and that small and local businesses are primed to be the big winners in the aftermath of this pandemic.

Speaking of winners

I recently heard Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings,” which gave me pause.  I am, by default, the face and voice of the The F-Suite. But I have a mind-blowing team that produces this magazine and helps grow the business. The superstar is Kristina, our graphic designer, who is actually the backbone of the business. She wraps it up in the pretty package you’re staring at right now. A friend made me realize we need to profile her business, so we did.  Then there’s April Blake, who not only writes for us, but is always available to problem solve and offer me fresh perspective. Best of all, she seems to know (or know about) everyone in town. That’s info I often find to be quite useful!

My printing rep, Stanley McCloy, and website designer, Doug Adam, are the best in their fields. More importantly, they’re both extremely generous, kind men who always send me into gales of laughter during what are supposed to be business phone calls and meetings. And I can’t say enough good things about the energy and professionalism all our writers, editors and photographers bring to the table­–they sure make me and the magazine look good.

Then there’s my friend Kathy. She recently stepped up to the plate in a big way when she saw I needed help with budgeting, sales goals and the ugly numbers side of running a business. She’s the human equivalent of Xanax and is a walking, talking spreadsheet. Kathy personifies the notion that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!

If you haven’t lately, please tell your team you appreciate how good they make you and your business look!

Let’s grow with grace!

Anna Gelbman Edmonds, Publisher & Managing Editor