Harvest Pack

Harvest Pack

Healthy food on every table

By Brad Fleming

Did you know that the world produces enough food to feed every man, woman, and child? Still, we have hungry people in the United States and throughout the globe. How do we attack this problem?

Harvest Pack has taken on this logistical challenge by providing businesses the tools to have fun while serving those in need. Meal packaging events also called “hunger projects” are mobilized to any location throughout the United states. Harvest Pack utilizes our event planning expertise and resources to provide all ingredients, equipment, and event leadership necessary to ensure an exciting and stress-free event.

Participants scoop ingredients, weigh, and seal the food packages, then place them in boxes destined for local food banks, school backpack programs or even overseas. The process has been enhanced to ensure CDC guidelines allow for a safe experience.

These lively events take place at corporations, schools, religious institutions and with community groups. Businesses have found our events to be fun team-building opportunities that promote inter-workplace cooperation. This occurs by engaging owners, managers, and the company’s newest employees all on the same assembly line. Employees who have worked with us in the past report that they highly value working for a company that actively demonstrates care for the community at large.

Who we are

Founded in 2012, Harvest Pack is a 501(c)(3) humanitarian hunger relief nonprofit organization. Harvest Pack addresses food insecurity by supporting volunteers in bringing meal packing events to their local communities. Harvest Pack’s healthy meals are then donated to established nonprofit partners who distribute to food insecure neighborhoods.

Our vision

We envision a world where healthy food is accessible to everyone, regardless of where they were born or how much money they have; a world where people come together to help one another simply because it is the right thing to do.

Why we do it

Harvest Pack recognizes that hunger is the world’s No. 1 health risk. Hunger-related issues spill over into struggles with housing, safety, education, mental health, community, and all other aspects of life.

You can make a difference

Harvest Pack believes the process to end hunger should be easy. All supplies and ingredients are brought to your location. Projects range in size from 30 volunteers to several hundred, depending on the size of your organization. Thousands of tasty Cinnamon Oatmeal breakfasts or Rice Casserole meals can be assembled in one to two hours.

The investment is only $.25 per meal due to low overhead and efficient purchasing of ingredients by the truckload.

Getting started

A simple call or email to Harvest Pack is all it takes to engage your employees or group in a life-changing fight against hunger. Harvest Pack takes care of all pre-project planning, including management of the actual event. This is an organizer’s dream.

We love our volunteers and sponsors who we affectionately refer to as “hunger heroes.” We are always welcoming more heroes to our cause.

Brad Fleming is the East Coast Partnerships Manager at Harvest Pack. Learn more at harvestpack.org, or contact Brad at 803-291-9724 or [email protected]
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