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Gift Yourself

Be seen, be heard, be you! The real you.

By Roshanda Pratt

During this past year and a half of social isolation, we have all experienced, to varying degrees, mental and/or physical health issues and financial and workplace stress. So now I want you to take the time to gift yourself – a gift that only you can give and unwrap. However, not all gifts come wrapped in colorful paper and ribbons.

My business coach told me that when she was pregnant with her first child, her mother taught her to date herself once a week – a day to get to know herself better. What a concept!

This time of “dating yourself” goes beyond the mani-pedi or brunch with friends. It’s “seeing” yourself to a greater degree or in a brand new way. I’m a firm believer that visibility is power – that showing up in life and business is vital. This showing up begins with how we see and show up for ourselves. Everything around you flows from and through you. This is why putting yourself on the backburner can no longer be an option.

How I learned to gift myself

A traumatic experience of a home invasion at gunpoint was the catalyst for my no-nonsense approach to visibility. At the time, I was working my business like a hobby, and my husband and I were still fairly young in ministry with three children, one of whom was not our biological child. Life was hectic, and I struggled with work-life harmony. I was not showing up for myself and, therefore, could not show up for others.

Sunrise Artisan Bath and BodyIn the weeks following that home invasion, I began practicing self-reflection. I discovered that I was playing small; using my family as an excuse; and that if my life were a stage, I was not showing up to perform. This began the process of unwrapping myself. I read former first lady Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming.” My epiphany was that I had to “unbecome” before I could become.

Most of the world abides by the principle of love your neighbor as yourself. Could it be that we can’t love our neighbor because we have not fully loved ourselves?

The work of unwrapping yourself is uncomfortable but necessary for fulfilling your purpose here on Earth as a woman, wife, mother, sister and business owner. You must learn to combat your fearful thoughts and the idea that you are being selfish by taking the time to tap into your gifts. Rather, you are being selfish when you don’t.

What we love about gifts is the wonderful surprise hidden beneath the wrapping. But we have to unwrap it.

You are a gift, and the world wants to SEE and HEAR the beauty that is you. You are a gift to your family, community and country. We will never experience you fully if the gift stays hidden under flimsy wrapping. Whether you remove it layer by layer or rip it off in one motion, the gift inside is you. Give it to us and to yourself!

Roshanda Pratt hosts “The Rosho Live” as a visibility coach. Learn more at