Confessions of a magazine publisher

By December 15, 2019December 28th, 2020Entrepreneurship, Publisher's Ponderings
F-Suite Publisher & Editor Winter 2020

The time between our last issue and this one was full of highs and lows. Women in Philanthropy invited me to share how and why I started The F-Suite at their Food for Thought luncheon. That’s a great group of businesswomen who clearly let me know they support the magazine’s mission. I also did radio interviews on South Carolina Public Radio’s “South Carolina Business Review” with Mike Switzer and The Point’s “Evolve with Tzima.”

But exuberance turned to grief weeks later. With an extremely heavy heart, I phoned the two women whom I depend on most to help me run things and told them I was going to have to shut the magazine down for financial reasons. Full confession: I was in tears. The ugly kind. These two women who look up to and depend on me as their intrepid leader were now seeing my vulnerable underbelly exposed: fear of failure.

Their reactions shocked me. Both immediately began suggesting ways to move forward that would require financial sacrifices on their part. Do you have people that dedicated and passionate working with you in your small business? If not, you need to find some. I waved off their suggestions, hoping for a miracle instead.

Obviously, since you’re reading this, hope won out.

What many people don’t understand is that I don’t just publish a magazine. The magazine is a small business. I have no experience running a business, so I read the articles in this magazine as an editor AND as a small business owner. I’m learning as I go – just like you. I bet you’ve cried in the face of fear, too. I want you, readers, to know that I’m one of you. To achieve my

The F-Suite Winter 2020

Winter 2020

mission of helping you grow your business intelligently, I have to be in the trenches with you, and sometimes that means sharing an ugly cry story (just don’t expect pictures to accompany it).

So, I’m delighted to present our great indoors issue. After so much shopping, cooking, partying and traveling in November and December, we now need to slow down and relax. What could be slower and more relaxing than knitting? I should know because I’m a long-time knitter. When Luna Lola opened in 2017, I told the owner that I wanted to profile her in my magazine… a magazine that was only a dream at the time. Well, tah-dah! Here we both are, just as I imagined we’d be.

I hope you’ll be inspired by the women profiled and the articles offering both fun and practical things you can accomplish while indoors.

Best wishes for a prosperous year ahead,

Anna Gelbman Edmonds, Publisher & Managing Editor