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Now What?  

Practical advice for finding financial certainty in uncertain times By Shelia Tutwieler-Dawkins The pandemic has certainly created an unprecedented level of change for everyone. As women, we have been challenged with a wide assortment of new and different roles while…
F-Suite Editorial Team
February 18, 2021
Attitudes & Etiquette

Animal Assuagement

Magical furry and feathered ways to cope with winds of change. By Karen Campbell Photograph by Shantel Whittaker For many of us, pets are family. By and large, businesses accommodate them, parks cater to them, and yoga classes include them.…
F-Suite Editorial Team
January 25, 2021

Philips Automotive

This father-daughter team is having its best year in the company’s history By Carolyn Culbertson Photographs by Sally Scott When Nicole Rountree was in college, she went home for a visit, jacked her car up, and learned to do an…
F-Suite Editorial Team
January 21, 2021