Women Making Their Mark Among Men

Three Columbia-area business women working successfully in male-dominated industries By April Blake, Haley Kellner and Julie Blevins Photographs by Tonya Palmer We tend to marvel at girls who play on their high school football teams, women who fly fighter jets,…
F-Suite Editorial Team
January 5, 2021
Attitudes & Etiquette

Silver Tones

Embracing an Authentic Life, for Women 45+ By Sylvie Golod For many years, I, like many women, have had an ongoing dialogue with my headmate, Vulnerability. It’s produced shame, imposter syndrome and other debilitating fear-driven thoughts throughout my personal and…
F-Suite Editorial Team
November 8, 2020

Workspace Paradise

Working from home doesn’t have to entail a dining room table and pajamas By April Blake In the same way that there are people whose homes look like something out of a fairy tale or a movie set just because…
F-Suite Editorial Team
November 1, 2020

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