A former class cut-up infuses his silly sense of humor into a successful creative venture By Amy Coward Photographs by Rashawn Merrick and Doug Adam From the time he could hold a crayon, Cliff Springs has been drawing. He drew…
F-Suite Editorial Team
September 22, 2021


When it comes to writing, less is often better By Dr. Nancy Tuten Several strategies lead to more succinct writing, and eliminating unhelpful nominalizations is one of them. Consider this sentence: Last week, the hiring committee conducted an interview with…
F-Suite Editorial Team
August 12, 2021
Silver Tones

Giving of Yourself

Volunteering leads to all sorts of benefits, and maybe even a job  By Sylvie Golod Behold, summer: the season that typically encourages us to slow down and recharge our batteries. It’s an opportune time to soak up sunny rays while…

Harvest Pack

Healthy food on every table By Brad Fleming Did you know that the world produces enough food to feed every man, woman, and child? Still, we have hungry people in the United States and throughout the globe. How do we…

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