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Attitudes & Etiquette

The Sales Sleuth

When an entrepreneur needs to be a PI By Earl Gregorich, Entrepreneurial Crime Stopper It was a dreary Thursday evening when I heard purposeful clicking of heels suddenly stop at my doorway. I was working late, pouring over a client’s…
F-Suite Editorial Team
January 23, 2022


Diligent Decontamination built its reputation on doing the dirty work with dignity, diligence and discretion By Madeleine Wagner Photos by Valery Taylor Smith When you think of people-focused jobs, what comes to mind? Healthcare worker? Lawyer? Social worker? Teacher? What…
F-Suite Editorial Team
January 1, 2022

A Cure for Impostor Syndrome

Waking up from your nightmare guarantees symptom relief By Janet G. Hudson You were excited when you started your new venture, stepped up to lead, or received that longed-for promotion in recognition of your amazing work. Yet, now you’re working…
F-Suite Editorial Team
December 23, 2021


Her success as a criminal defense attorney is built on integrity and compassion By Frances Shainwald Photographs by Crush Rush and Sally Scott If meeting Elizabeth “Betsy” Franklin-Best at her office on Devine Street, in Columbia – in a location…
F-Suite Editorial Team
December 18, 2021

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