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Anna Gelbman Edmonds, Founder and Managing Editor

From mother of four to magazine publisher, Anna has accomplished a lot in the short time since she raised her kids into functioning adults. As a journalist and freelance writer she’s garnered a S.C. Press Association Award for a “Free Times” cover story in 2012, attended the 2012 Republican National Convention as a member of the press, and was a runner-up in the 2012 “Washington Post Magazine Humor Writing Contest.”

Anna is an experienced copywriter and dissertation editor for international doctoral students, and freelanced as a journalist and assistant editor for Columbia’s  alternative newspaper, “Free Times.” She later served as the managing editor of “Columbia Living Magazine.”

Kristina Parella Design

Kristina Parella, Designer 

Kristina is the creative muscle behind The F-Suite who crafted the look of the magazine, designed our logo and meticulously lays out each issue. She also designs many of the ads. But our favorite thing about Kristina is her hilarious, feisty Jersey-girl attitude. Bless her heart! She’s a multi-talented individual with a degree in visual communication, a strong fine arts background and an inherent love of culinary art. A model F-Suite woman, she’s living her dream as a freelance graphic designer, which allows her to live life with her two daughters on her own terms.  She now resides in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

April Blake,Writer

April originally signed on with The F-Suite as a feature writer. But we watched her hustle every day with a full-time corporate job as a web content specialist while freelancing as a food journalist and social media and web content manager. With her range of skills, sassy sense of humor, and ability to work hard, April is the epitome of an F-Suite woman. She is also the owner of Social Graces Media , a social media marketing company that focuses on small, local businesses. April proudly resides across the river in Cayce, S.C. with her husband and three rescue dogs.

Carolyn Culbertson, Writer

Carolyn arrived at The F-Suite as a recent graduate of the UofSC College of Arts and Sciences looking for experience in feature writing. Knocking her first assignment right out of the ballpark earned her a spot on our team. We especially love her creative enthusiasm at our editorial meetings, willingness to try her hand at any assignment we throw at her, and sense of humor. She’s a naturally curious person who takes notice of the things most people are too busy to see and hear and brings those details into her stories. Originally from Georgetown, S.C., Carolyn now lives in Columbia with her cat and is becoming known in her neighborhood as the girl who’s always people watching from her porch.

Haley Kellner, Writer

Haley is another University of South Carolina graduate who proved her writing chops right out of the gate. She earned degrees in English and Russian, though she can barely speak the latter, and is currently pondering a master’s in creative nonfiction. In the meantime, her administrative job leaves no room for her creative juices, which she pours out in spades for The F-Suite. Strong research skills and an unusually mature voice make up Haley’s signature style.

Haley Kellner freelance writer
Julie Blevins

Julie Blevins, 

Writer and Proofreader

Julie Blevins

Julie’s writing has appeared in “The New York Daily News,” “Children’s Hospitals Today,” “Southern Inns and Bed & Breakfasts,” “The State” newspaper, “Columbia Metropolitan”magazine and other publications. Julie writes for The F-Suite, and polishes every issue by proofreading the final draft before it goes to print. The same attention to detail went into the creation of her award-winning Palmetto Pepper Potions hot sauces.

Betsy Montgomery, Assistant Editor

Betsy home schooled her seven children for over 20 years and launched them all into successful adulthood. She currently teaches home-educated students literature and writing, and enjoys part-time jobs at in hospitality and a local grocery store. Over drinks one evening I recruited Betsy to be the first set of eyes on all articles submitted for publication. She’s a natural-born editor and an even better friend.

Betsy Montgomery