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Tamara Brown Not Your Average TrainerEntrepreneurshipInspirers
October 25, 2020

Tamara Brown Proves She is Not Your Average Trainer

She grew her business by turning the COVID-19 shutdown on its head By Diane J. Epperly Before most people have had their first cup of morning coffee, Tamara Brown has already jump-started her day. Clad in a hot pink tank…
Copyright issuesEntrepreneurshipMarketing
October 22, 2020

What Qualifies as Copyright Infringement?

Are the recent copyright issues in the news pertinent to you? By Doug Lineberry Even the most well-intentioned use of another's copyright-protected material may be subject to legal action and possible monetary damages. Several recent examples have come to light…
Getting back on track after COVID-19Entrepreneurship
October 18, 2020

Getting Back on Track When the Wheels Fall Off

Using the current situation to reassess, plan and recharge By Earl Gregorich So, here we sit. Some of us are still at home in our makeshift workspace, home office or simply the dining room table. Others of us made our…

The F-Suite’s mission is to encourage and be a resource for women in the business community, empowering them to grow and develop their businesses and leadership skills in order to make a positive impact on the greater community.

At The F-Suite, we believe that confident women empowered with the necessary resources, drive and encouragement will achieve not only their personal career goals, but be influencers in their work environment and local community. This positions them to help reshape the larger business, political, and cultural landscape. 

Women think differently than men.
Women manage differently than men.
Women reason and negotiate differently than men.
Women make decisions differently than men.

Women don’t do these things better than men. We simply do them differently. The F-Suite is about women taking their seat next to men at the table to contribute their ideas, skills, and talents. And, yes, some of us will be sitting at the head of the table.

Women have unique needs, challenges and opportunities. They have unique perspectives, ambitions and goals. Women need resources designed to grow their careers and launch them into leadership positions alongside their male colleagues. We intend to provide that. Our mission is to help women get where they want to go professionally – to not only reach their goals but exceed them. 

This is The F-Suite. Come on in and take a seat at the table!

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